Marc Cowlin

Marc Cowlin

Director, Content Marketing and PR

Clever things make Marc happy, but what he really loves are clever marketing things; they make him downright giddy. We think that’s why he headed down the PR and content path.

Prior to SMG, Marc led in-house PR, Social Media and Content Marketing for Glassdoor, Birkenstock,, Meltwater and Thismoment. With a career rooted in corporate storytelling (aka PR and content) he delivers a unique perspective on the power of integrated marketing.

If you ask, Marc will happily launch into a story about how he increased revenue for an online retailer through a content marketing program. He may share a story about putting shoes onto the feet of Gwyneth Paltrow and Leonardo Dicaprio. If you ask about the media, he will engage for hours about its changing landscape and the value of things like SEO and citizen journalism. And, he is always more than happy to share his point of view about why a targeted blog placement may hold more brand value than a TV spot.

The best part is that he talks about all of this in the context of building bigger, better and increasingly clever campaigns.

He lives in the San Francisco Bay Area with his wife, two kids, two dogs and a cat that wasn’t his idea. When he isn’t working, he’s likely playing outdoors, seeking out live music or writing an article about marketing. Seriously, he does that for fun. Go figure.

Senior Digital Producer
PR/Content Specialist
COO, Director of Client Services
CPA, Chief Financial Officer
Social Media Specialist/Copywriter
VP, Associate Creative Director
Art Director
Director, Content Marketing & PR
Associate Creative Director
CEO, Creative Director