Kymm Cornelison

Kymm Cornelison

Media & PR Specialist

Meet Kymm: one part detail-oriented multitasker, one part music and arts bon vivant, and one part devout trekkie techie. Put it all together and you have one completely amazing Media & PR Specialist.

Her unique ability to juggle many things at once–and do it with a smile–probably stems from her equally unique background. While taking many years to earn her Sociology degree from Boise State University (she moved around the country a lot), she jumped in to help some of Boise’s best-known nonprofits, including the Idaho Shakespeare Festival and Boise Contemporary Theater, as well as led the PR team for Treefort Music Fest.

When she’s not working, Kymm spends her time with her shaggy dachshund, Dr. Peter Woofington (not a real doctor), obsessing about Cheez-Its and motorcycles, and screaming at the TV during baseball games.

Senior Digital Producer
PR/Content Specialist
COO, Director of Client Services
CPA, Chief Financial Officer
Social Media Specialist/Copywriter
VP, Associate Creative Director
Art Director
Media & PR Specialist
Director, Content Marketing & PR
Associate Creative Director
CEO, Creative Director