Bill Doty

Bill Doty

Senior Digital Producer

What makes Bill unique? Well, he’s 6’4”, hates spiders and used to do stand up. Before SMG, he worked for Turner Broadcasting writing and producing content for digital media and television. He’s also been a featured producer for Funny or Die, Adult Swim, Comedy Central and Fox Network.

During his career, Bill has written for The Onion, Broken Newz, Yahoo!, AOL and National Lampoon, working in markets such as Los Angeles, Atlanta, Las Vegas and New York. He studied communications at Fresno State.

Currently, Bill is making a feature length low-budget comedy. And not many people know this, but he once broke his elbow three times in a six-month period. For a good laugh, come by and ask him how. Or ask him about the time a rabbi and a priest walked into a bar… 

Senior Digital Producer
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