Back to Basics: The Benefits of Using Pen and Paper in Marketing

When I was younger, I had a slew of journals. Some would have doodles, others would be more like diaries, but most were filled with stories and poems. There was something so comforting about putting pen to paper and watching the words come out. However, as technology grew, the good old pen and paper became obsolete. I stuck with it though. While my classmates were typing away, I was furiously keeping up.

To this day, I still use a pen and paper to write my ideas. As a copywriter in a marketing agency, I write most of the day. And even though the final version is in a Word doc, I can’t help but keep using the reliable pen and paper. Was it just habit, or something more? After some research, I found three great benefits to using pen and paper.

Three reasons to use pen and paper

  1. Less distractions

It never fails that I will find myself on social media if I am working on a computer. Or I will Google myself into a rabbit hole and lose my creative mojo in the process. With a pen and paper, there are less distractions than a computer. You won’t find yourself wandering to other sites this way. I find that I can concentrate more on the task at hand, whether that be concepting or writing lines.


  1. Improves brain function

An article by the Huffington Post studied school-aged children, suggesting that handwriting is better for brain development and cognition. It was found that the kids who wrote the essays developed more ideas than the kids who typed. Writing with pen and paper activates multiple parts of the brain that is associated with remembering and learning, because it uses more finger movements. The article also talks about how writing slows you down and sparks creativity, which are great benefits for a copywriter in a marketing agency.

  1. Personally satisfying

As I stated before, there is something so satisfying by watching the words being written down on paper. Besides that, it’s also a personal touch that a computer cannot have. In my notes, you can see where I get excited about my ideas, because my writing tends to get messy. Or where I scribbled out lines that didn’t work. My thought process is all laid out, so I can go back to look and see where my head was at with that idea. If I were on a computer, I would just delete the ideas I didn’t like, and I couldn’t reference back to it if I needed to.

The best thing about using a pen and paper is that it’s good practice for everyone in marketing. Whether you’re an art director, writer, videographer, account supervisor, or anything in between, the benefits of using these tools will come in handy. In a marketing environment, it’s important to let your creativity run wild. Of course, we will still use computers.  But when it comes to letting my creativity flow without boundaries, I will always fall back on the good, old, reliable pen and paper.