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Your About Us Page: the most important room in the house, not the forgotten dining room The other night I was visiting a friend who recently built a brand-new house, her “dream home.” Along the tour, we stopped in the formal dining room, and my friend said something that really stuck with me. “We probably...
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Marketing Articles
Happy Friday, Marketers! Welcome to our digest of marketing articles you simply can’t miss, the August 11, 2017, edition. As you well know, there are far more articles about marketing, advertising, branding and the like for us to read them all. We want to make the process of finding the articles that matter to you...
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Concept statements and diapers
A marketing campaign is comprised of a lot of little parts. There’s the print visuals, the headlines, media buys and integration across channels. And though all of those components come together to tell a story, their success boils down to one thing: the concept. You can have all the flashy visuals you want, but if...
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B2B Marketing analytics for every industry
Close your eyes and imagine yourself at a desk in a small office attached to a production facility. You work for a company that makes a product imperative in real estate construction (you tend to target general contractors). You’re a B2B marketer, and you don’t have a marketing agency and you’re a team of one....
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personalized content
If you take the time to get to know someone on a date, odds are much better that you’ll get a second date. Brands should take the time to woo consumers the same way but through marketing. Brands put out content on a daily basis. It’s a proven way to get customers to engage. But...
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digital advertising is king
In the past year, there was a tectonic shift in the world of advertising and you didn’t even realize it. Okay, maybe it wasn’t that big of a change to most people, but for the first time since Lucille Ball and Walter Cronkite were the big-hitters of primetime programming, television is not the most marketable...
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Startup marketing
A few days ago, I sat down with my daughter to watch a random episode of Parks and Recreation. It’s one of our favorite shows; our two favorite characters are Ron Swanson and Andy Dwyer. In this episode, Andy has taken a new job as the Pawnee “shoe shiner” in City Hall. Towards the end...
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