Brand Messaging
likable brand
Every morning as I drive to the office, I pass a local company that provides commercial cleaning services. It’s not a high-profile company. It’s just a local business that appears to have been a part of our Boise fabric for years. I typically wouldn’t even notice them; I’m not in the market for their services. ...
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Website Tip
Your About Us Page: the most important room in the house, not the forgotten dining room The other night I was visiting a friend who recently built a brand-new house, her “dream home.” Along the tour, we stopped in the formal dining room, and my friend said something that really stuck with me. “We probably...
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Marketing Articles
Happy Friday, Marketers! Welcome to our digest of marketing articles you simply can’t miss, the August 11, 2017, edition. As you well know, there are far more articles about marketing, advertising, branding and the like for us to read them all. We want to make the process of finding the articles that matter to you...
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brand story and chicken wings
Every successful brand needs a story. Yours can have one, too. The other day I was having dinner with our Director of Content Marketing who manages our San Francisco office. As we looked over the menu, he noticed the restaurant served Anchor Bar Chicken Wings. The magnitude of this didn’t catch my attention, but since...
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marketing simplicity
Clients come to Stoltz Marketing Group with all sorts of marketing needs. They can be brand refreshes. New product or business launches. Shifts in marketing strategies. Or, sometimes just a logo. After we discuss their marketing and business objectives, the conversations ultimately turn to the many things that make their products or services unique. Sometimes...
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Authentic Brand Messaging
There have been about 2,000 movies made that tell a story of World War II, and not one of the filmmakers set out thinking about authentic brand messaging. Strangely, that’s exactly what most of them achieved. To this day, WWII remains one of the most featured subjects in all of cinema. But really, what is...
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