Graphic Design Idea
As a graphic designer, I am a sucker for great typography, elegant layouts, stunning photography and unique illustration. I geek-out over paper textures, cool motion graphics, and hand-lettered signage. I appreciate good aesthetics as much as the next designer. But what makes a graphic design effective? The idea behind it. When you combine the visually...
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Instant gratification permeates every part of our culture — including the way we create art. But are we sacrificing authenticity in our quest to save time? Not too long ago, movie-goers accepted digital shortcuts in the film industry. But today they are growing weary of green-screen-heavy superhero remakes. They long for the days when studios...
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I worked at an ad agency and then an apparel company in San Francisco during the gigantic dot-com wave. It was a glorious time. Optimism abounded. Employment was rampant. New ideas and companies sprung up like oxalis on parking strips. And then it all crashed. At first there was disbelief. We wiped our eyes and...
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